A Message from the Heart

Transcript of the Podcast, “A Message From the Heart”

Today I just want to share a little bit about what I foresee for the coming year and some things that are on my heart.

When we read in Genesis, the very first words of the Bible, that:  “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth,” we tend to think that this event was the first and most important event in history.  And that could be correct considering that history only exists in and due to the establishment of what we call time.  For every historic event in our existence, there is an exact time in which it has taken place and each of these events, being recorded, comprise what we call history. God (and let’s not forget the actual meaning of the word “God” as defined by the Hebrew understanding as:  a plural, masculine, divine entity known to us as the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost), God created the heaven and the earth, He created man and established “time.”  A closer look at this very first episode in our history (or what the bible calls the beginning) speaks of the creation of two things:  the earth (as defined as firm land or the planet) and the heaven (or the space existing above and beyond the planet earth).  Both of these combined are known by us and described in the bible as the cosmos.  Without argument the creation of the cosmos (heaven and earth) was not only the first most incredible recorded action but was the beginning of a ticking clock that chimed every following event of our history until now.  This universe that we live in and are a part of, had a beginning, but from what point outside of time did it have its conception?  Walk with me on a journey.

Let’s take an imaginary adventure.  In your mind’s eye let’s create a theoretical, geometric line having no beginning or end.  Let’s also place points on that line corresponding to all of our earth’s history beginning with the first appearance of the cosmos.  Can you see the line with all of its points?  On our line, from left to right, beginning with the formation of the cosmos is every matter, incident or experience ever recorded from point “a” until right now.  But a true geometric line has no beginning or end, therefore only the highlighted points of the line exist as physically seen realities contained within our concept of time.  Now really stretch your imagination and follow the line to a place before the creation of the cosmos bypassing the creation of angelic beings and the events concerning them.  Suddenly we are in the awesome presence of God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.  Feel the life radiating from them.  Sense the love and joy between them, so intense and heavy that it clings to you like the dew on a blade of grass; saturating, until like a sponge you’re to the point of it flowing out from you.  See them in their perfect “oneness”, face to face and in total peace, each of them giving and sharing themselves with the other such that they are totally complete and fulfilled in every way.  Its here, in this place that their hearts conceived a plan.  A plan to share their circle of eternal oneness.  A plan to bring many sons into their glorious family.  In their plan, the end or goal, being known from the beginning, determined the path forward.  Their faith (that mighty, powerful and unseen structural support system) assured that the adoption of children would be accomplished and set forth in the time line of history, being clearly seen by the highlighted points and supported or connected by the segments of the line where no highlighted points are seen.  What am I saying??

Along our imaginary geometric line we can see the recorded historical events of the Bible as clearly identifiable points that establish the line.  Then we can see that there are some spaces on the line in-between the points of recorded events.  Does that indicate that nothing of importance happened between those recorded events?  Certainly not.  In each section of the line representing our history of life that lies between events; God’s plan of the adoption of mankind into His family circle continues to operate supported by His faith.  Just as in any great literary work, what exists between the lines on the page speaks just as loudly as the written thoughts; these undocumented historical actions of truth that took place behind the scenes (so to speak) are just as real and just as important as the documented events

God laid His faith out on that line.  His faith is the substance or support of the things the He and us are expecting.  It’s His faith that supports the geometric line of history.  It’s His faith that connects the dots or the geometric points highlighting historical events on our line.  No story can be understood completely by only seeing the written, documented sentences.  Between the lines is always a parallel story that remains unseen to the casual reader.  By simply using only our eyes or by simply using only our ears we cannot understand the completeness of God’s finished work in and through Jesus.  We must join our hearts with the Holy Spirit who shows us all things, even the unseen things of God.  Even the line segments in-between the points.  God’s faith is the substance of the line which supports and establishes every seen and unseen event.  We participate in His plan by His grace and through His faith.  Without the faith that was set into motion before the foundation of the cosmos, the line of life would not exist.

We’ve done a good job of majoring on events or the points on the line; but in many cases we’ve connected those points with what I call MANufactured bridges (with the emphasis on man) manufactured bridges that have by-passed the underlying, active and faith filled truths that we’ve not seen.  All of our historical events are only a manifestation of underlying and unseen thoughts and beliefs that contain the power or ability to bring the event into our time line.

The Bible, the written Word of God, contains our human (mankind’s) time line of life.  It not only reveals our actual events, but within it is hidden for us, and I restate “for” us, the Wisdom of God that is used in the operation of His kingdom:  His kingdom in the heavens (above the earth), His kingdom on the earth and His kingdom that He’s established within every one of His born from above sons and daughters.  My goal for this year is to identify, with everyone who will hear, identify God’s kingdom:  where is it? how it works or more importantly how do we participate in it?  This we will do as God permits.  In some cases we’ll have to lay aside some traditional, doctrinal bridges.  We’ll need a revelation of the faith supported spaces between historical facts.  We’ll rely on the Spirit of God to reveal to us, all of these things that God has prepared for us.  And with His help we will understand, clear our hearts of wrong beliefs, plant His truth and let the truth of His word produce itself in our lives and the lives of everyone around us.  Then His kingdom shall multiply throughout the earth and the type of life that we have all been looking for will take its place on the time line of humanity and the crying of the creation will be satisfied as we begin to take our place as the sons of the most high God!!  Begin the journey.  Dare to acknowledge that the kingdom of God has been deposited within you and dare to seek its truth and how it operates.  The coming year holds much promise.  The eternal line of life and the faith of God exits as a reality even past the last documented point or event that we can see.  When we finally can grasp the truth of us as Christians, believers, mankind as being implanted, adopted, immersed into the circle of the family of God; then we can begin to understand the kingdom of God, how it operates by His faith and how we can freely reach into the eternal future and manifest its realities in our here and now.  The kingdom is His line of life and our life line.  Let’s begin the process!!