It Is For Freedom

I’d like to begin today with a nugget of truth:

Revelation is progressive and is progressing; but when we choose to stop its progression, it becomes tradition and eventually void of the energy, life and power of God.

Hold on to that thought.

Today’s message is a bit different, yet right in line with where we live from day to day. Freedom: the condition of living that we all search for and desire above all else. Allow me to give you a good working definition of the word. Real freedom is a condition of life in which an infinite number of options are readily available for the choosing. Let me repeat that: Real freedom is a condition of life in which an infinite number of options are readily available for the choosing. Options from the perfect to the worst; options in which we have the ability, right, and the power to choose and apply to the situations and circumstances of our daily lives; options that have the potential to bring us into a super abundant life, or a life of need and lack, depending on the choices we make. Let me start with this quote from the Young’s Literal Translation of the Bible of Galatians 5:1.

Galatians 5:1 (YLT)
1 In the freedom, then, with which Christ did make you free–stand ye, and be not held fast again by a yoke of servitude;

Contained within this statement is a fact, a condition, and an admonition of possible negative results.

1. The fact is that Christ Jesus “has made” (and that word “has made” is a strong word meaning completely liberated) He has made us free and released us into what we call “freedom.” He has released us into a world where we have the ability, the right, and the power to choose any option.
2. The condition, is that we must “stand,” be immovable and persevere in the knowledge of this liberty. Freedom must not be just a word that we speak, but the applied knowledge of what it is, and how it enables us to stand in the face of all deceitful words and thoughts that are designed to hide our God given right to real freedom.
3. We must maintain this liberty at all costs; lest we be deceived, gradually letting it go and suddenly finding ourselves experiencing the impending negative result: the “yoke of servitude,” slavery, or bondage.

The NIV translation states the same verse as such:

Galatians 5:1 (NIV2011)
1 It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery.

It is for freedom. It is for freedom that Christ “has” (has, as in “has been” totally accomplished) it is for freedom that Christ “has” set us free. Then with that freedom He has supplied us with exceedingly great and precious promises; promises in the form of an infinite number of options that have the ability within themselves to produce life and life in abundance. He has made all things possible to those who see and believe the option, then choose to take its path.

But wait! What if I had the ability to take away your freedom? You may contend that I don’t have that ability; but in reality I do, and so does anyone to whom you allow access to your belief system. You see this freedom that we all hold so dear only exists to the degree of the number of “options” that we have to choose. If I wanted to remove some of your freedom, all I’d have to do is remove some of the options available for your choosing. Then, depending on how many of them that I remove, I can determine your degree of freedom, and/or your degree of bondage. But “How can you remove my options?” you may say. Very easily, by the use of three things called deceit, fear and time. You see, I can’t remove or hinder your ability, right, or power to choose. I really can’t even take away your options on my own. But I can use your own freedom of choice against you and thereby cause you to fail to see the truth that’s right before your eyes. All I (or anyone: the news media, the politicians, the well-meaning religious leaders) all I have to do is to continue to offer wrong or erroneous information to you over a period of time. As some point you may consider this information as true and with this perception comes the deceit that robs you of the options that would have produced good and profitable results, leaving you with the options that I would rather you choose. Then, over a period of time, I can move you into a state of complacency, or maybe even hopelessness, where you are even more susceptible to my leading. At that point I would have gained access to your inner-most system of beliefs such that you now choose, of your own accord, to follow the suggestions or options that I desired for you to follow from the beginning. BOOM! I just removed your freedom and brought you, by your own choosing, into bondage in that area of your life. “But why would anyone do such a thing!?” Quite simply for power, control, and/or financial gain; and by manipulating you, causing you to want (no…better yet to need) them to have that position of controlling your freedom.

Let’s look at an example. Have you heard that the world is getting worse and worse? Have you seen how many incidents of evil are happening throughout the entire planet? Have you been made aware that the entire system of global wealth and prosperity is just on the verge of total collapse? Have you heard that these things are inevitable? Have you heard that in these “last days” (and I say last days with air quotes because even the suggestion that these days are the “last days” has been proposed as factual for the last hundreds of years) have you heard that in these “last days” the devil is turning up the heat in the world and on the church, knowing that his time is short? Have you heard the suggestion that these things just must be because the Bible says it to be so? Have you heard the suggestion that there’s absolutely nothing that can be done about it? Have you accepted the proposition that the only escape from such calamity is to be taken out of this decaying planet by a future, sovereign act of God; and then God can kick butt on everyone else? Have you been persuaded to give up your God given options contained in the better promises of His New Covenant? Have you allowed your freedom to participate in His covenant to be removed from your package of options and left with only the option of being self-content with far less than the abundant life that Jesus came to make available? Have you decided to accept what’s being pumped into your eyes and ears on a minute by minute basis of how we’re all doomed and there’s no way out? If so then you (and I must also include myself here) you have been presented with an alternate reality that’s in opposition to God’s reality. Deceit and fear has moved you into a place of hopelessness by convincing you that you have no other options and in this place there only exists the chains of bondage that prevent you from standing in the freedom that is your God-given right.

I tell you today, there is hope! Reject the negativity of contributing to the problem by assuming that nothing can be done! Consider this verse from Romans 8:15 which reads:

For ye have not received the spirit of bondage again to fear; but ye have received the Spirit of adoption, whereby we cry, Abba, Father.

You, by the offering of Jesus, the Christ, and the freedom that He has made available to you, are not bound to the power of fear. You, as one who believes on Jesus, have been adopted into the family of God and have been given all of the rights and privileges that come with that position. The kingdom of God has come to this planet and it exists within you. Stand! Stand firm in your liberty! You are God’s glory in the earth. Let His goodness flow out of you and into the world. His view and opinion of the earth is that “It is good” and so are you. Take your place in His reality and move into a place of infinite options. It is for the sake of freedom that Christ has set you free! God bless and have a great day!! You have the option!