New Book Release: Illuminating the Kingdom

Hello to all and best wishes for the New Year!

It’s been quite a while since my last contact with all of you. There have been many things in the works and many positive learning opportunities. I wish to inform you of my new book entitled, “Illuminating the Kingdom.” It was released in the last quarter of 2019 and is available through Please check the link below.

It offers a new, regenerative look at the foundation building blocks of the already completed Kingdom reality. These several basic principles, if understood will begin to illuminate the existence of God’s established Kingdom throughout the universe and in us.

I’m very excited about the information. If you’ve ever dared to question why your “faith” and “prayers” have often accomplished “hit and miss” results, you may find some answers within this book. As sons and daughters of God, as human beings occupying our planet, it is our right to participate in the creation system Gad has established as our eternal inheritance.

Within are some fundamentals I have learned and continue to apply daily. I, like the apostle Paul, do not count myself to have achieved the ultimate manifestation of the Kingdom, but I strive daily to attain that for which I was attained.

Love to all and blessings in this year of 2020: the year of clear vision!!