James Bello

Thank you for visiting Spotlight Ministries. This part of a website is normally written by someone else who speaks about the highlighted minister.  That usually works out quite well, but in this case what is in my heart is better expressed by me.

My wife, Linda, and I were married in 1972.  Our relationship as husband and wife was not always the best until 1987 when we both allowed God to introduce us to His Son, Jesus the Christ.  Upon developing an intimacy with Jesus through the Word of God, our lives have changed into a caring and respectful marriage from a true heart of love where we have become each other’s best friend.  From that time until now, God by His Holy Spirit has led Linda and me step by step into a deeper and more meaningful life with Him.

I understood the call in my life to teach God’s word in 1989.  I began leading a Bible study in my home and spent many hours studying the Word of God.  If I had to accurately describe myself I would first say this:  I have no doctorate in any field of study, earned or honorary.  I am a disciple, a learner or pupil, of the Word of God.  I keep my eyes and ears upon it and roll it over in my mind continually.  I am a voice who seeks to honor God and present His love and truth to all who will hear.  I am a teacher:  a teacher of the Word of God as instructed by the Holy Spirit.  Then, lastly, in order to be a teacher I must be a disciple.  And the circle continues…

My fondest desire is for everyone to know and experience the love and goodness of God.  This website and the focus of this entire ministry is to help establish the hearts of God’s people in truly believing that He is the giver of every good and every perfect gift and those gifts are completely purchased and stored within the package of His unlimited grace.  Your heart is the key.  Guard it and keep it.   It is His goodness that leads us to seeing Jesus as He is, to seeing who we are in Him and ultimately who He is in us.